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  • The laws that are applicable to you may vary by city, province and country.
  • Not every law will apply to you, depending on your location and the type of photography you do, and there may be others that I have not discovered yet.

Notable Quotes

The following individuals have kindly contributed quotes that provide further insight into the laws surrounding photography:

"I am unaware of any laws that prohibit the taking of pictures of anything that is viewable in a public venue. The only restriction that I would see if a person was to take photographs of the interior of a private dwelling or business while on the public right of way. There is nothing to prohibit the taking of photos of buildings, public transit vehicles or even accidents. Although some people may find it distasteful in having their picture taken in public, I am unaware of anything that would prohibit it. The exception would be of course if someone is physically accosted or obstructed so that a picture can be taken.There may be restrictions on persons taking pictures where the public is welcome but the property is private, such as a mall or a sporting complex. Although the public is welcome, there may be restrictions on the taking of pictures…. it is best to check with the administrative staff that owns or controls the property.

With that said, there is nothing to prohibit a person from taking civil action against a person for taking a picture especially if the picture is subsequently published in a less than favourable light. Whether or not the person succeeds is dependent on the courts.

Bottom line……… if it is viewable to the public, I see nothing wrong with taking a picture of it."
- Superintendent Dave Pickford, Windsor Police Service

Work in Progress

This page is a work in progress. If you find something that I have missed, or misinterpreted, you can contact me at: tyler@ambientlight.ca.

Did this information help you out? Would you like to help? If so, then you can help by forwarding links to laws that are missing. Many, many thanks to all who have contributed.

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