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Unless you have a permit from the City of Toronto, you can not use City of Toronto property, parks, or highways for the purpose of commercial photography. This is to prevent photographers, and film shoots from ‘taking over’ a park, road, or other Toronto property. For example, a pushy wedding photographer and large wedding party shooting photos in a park, interrupting normal use of the park.

Toronto By-Laws: 608 Parks, 47. ("Filming and videotaping")
While in a park, no person shall take or permit to be taken for remuneration any film, photograph, videotape or television broadcast unless permitted under the City's film by-law and authorized by permit from the Toronto Film and Television Office.

Toronto By-Laws: 459 Filming
459-1. Definitions.
FILMING - The activities required for the preparation or production of film for cinematographic purposes outside a studio or film laboratory and includes the production of commercials and videos, but does not include current affairs, news casts, street interviews or home movies.
459-2. Permit required.
No person shall occupy any portion of a highway, property or park under the jurisdiction of the City of Toronto for filming purposes except in accordance with a valid permit issued pursuant to this chapter.




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